Welcome to our on-line store. 

Our Collection includes Spare Wheel and Tyre covers for 4x4's,Jeep Wranglers,Jeep Cherokees,Land Rover Defender,HUMMERS,Mitsubishi Pajero, Toyota Prado,Toyota RAV, VW Toureg,Honda CRV,Suzuki and any wheel or tyre  you wish to cover!!

Funky and Awesome Kids Tshirts, Babywear and Gym Apparell.

Our designs are original, edgy, and unique.Gifts from the Angels and Demons™ that  we have encountered and faced in our lives.

Angels and Demons™ is a celebration of life inspired by the beautiful colours of the whimsical Mexican Sugar Skulls.

"Dia de los Muertos, -"Day of the Dead” , celebrated every year in Mexico is unique to any other celebration for the deceased.Instead of mourning the loss , these lives are celebrated , and the event is trademarked by the sugar skull, capturing the joy and spirit of these souls.

Angels and Demons™ creations are inspired by the constant reminder of how precious life is. To remember to always be grateful.To find beauty in everything.The pain of loss and the hardships and defeats  in our own personal struggles can often leave us in dark places,and drive us down dark paths driven by our own fear and demons.

Our designs are inspired by our own beautiful angels who have passed on and who have guided us out of the darkness and into the light.....

My own personal journey has found healing and happiness in the creativity discovered and born in my journey of making this brand a reality.

I am blessed and grateful to be able to share it with you......

"Live with demons , but dream of Angels"

Please keep visiting our website and keep an eye out for new designs and product ranges.......